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“We build them big, and we build them strong. And we take care of our customers when they need it.” – Bandit Industries USA founder Mike Morey Sr.

The Bandit Backbone™ is our commitment to customer service and support, and it began with the very first Brush Bandit chipper built by Mike Morey Sr. and his original Michigan USA crew way back in 1983. It’s always been a cornerstone of Bandit’s philosophy, and today that backbone is stronger than ever. If you own a Bandit machine—regardless of the age or use— the Bandit Backbone is also your backbone.

In each of our four Australian location we have dedicated factory trained chipper and stump grinder experts who will ensure your Bandit machine is performing like new at all times. Routine servicing and equipment break-downs are performed with the focus on quality repairs being performed as fast as possible; we 100% understand that you need to be back into service fast! Our goal is to ensure that all Bandit owners are 100% happy with their machine, 100% of the time.

In addition to taking care of Bandit’s machines, we provide service, fabrication, maintenance, engineering and spare parts support for all brands of chippers and stump grinders. At Bandit, we have your back.

For all your Bandit Service enquiries, please call Bandit Tree Equipment:

NSW office:    1800 681 733
VIC office:      03 9801 5066
QLD office:    07 3711 2055
WA office:      08 9272 6666