Over the past ten years America’s favourite stump tooth system has become the Australian favourite too. The Greenteeth® system will fit onto 98% of the stump grinder operating in Australia, including machines from Bandit, Vermeer, Rayco, Carlton and Red Roo. Many hundreds of Australian stump grinder operators are enjoying the major benefits of Greenteeth® on their machines – www.greenteeth.com.au

Greenteeth® are a unique Stump Grinder tooth and pocket system that gives you the ability to rotate the tooth itself, providing a fresh cutting edge in a matter of seconds. The tooth can be rotated using only a standard wrench and without having to remove the pocket. Since each tooth can be rotated to a new edge three times, it’s like having three teeth in one! In the same way, any tooth can be easily moved to any pocket position on the wheel, thus allowing even more cutting life from each tooth.

The Greenteeth® Wearsharp® tooth is unique in that it NEVER needs sharpening – YES, it’s true. We and Greenteeth guarantee it.

Bandit Tree Equipment are proud to be your Official factory appointed Australian distributor for the Greenteeth® system. Please click here to launch to our Greenteeth website www.greenteeth.com.au and thank you for joining the Green Team!