Hand Fed Woodchippers

Bandit’s line of hand-fed chippers range from 6-inch capacity up to 21-inch capacity.Choose from disc or drum-style chippers that are all equipped with oversized chipper shafts and bearings, providing smooth chipping action that limits vibration and reduces maintenance.

These high performance chippers are known for their large chipper openings and powerful feed systems. And Bandit chippers have the ability to dispose more of the tree at take down, reducing trimming and chainsaw work therefore reducing the amount of time it takes to get your tree job completed. No job is too big with a Bandit. When you use a Bandit machine, you will experience lower labour costs, shortened removal time and reduced operator fatigue. Plus, you will enjoy all the safety features designed to protect the operator.

Experience the Bandit difference! You can also view our range of whole tree chippers, stump grinders and horizontal grinders

6" Capacity Chippers
 6 Model 65XP
9" Capacity Chippers
9 Model 90XP
12" Capacity Chippers
12 Model 990XP
15” capacity chipper
15” capacity chipper Model 915XP
18" Capacity Chippers
18 Model 1590XP
19" Capacity Chippers
19 Model 1890XP
21" Capacity Chippers
21 Model 1990XP