Knife Sharpening Service

At Bandit Tree Equipment we can sharpen your chipper knives in house, expertly and efficiently.

Our three ‘state of the art’ 74 inch magnetic clamp vertical head knife sharpeners will precisely sharpen your chipper knives to the correct angle, and have an automated lubrication system to ensure that the knives stay cool at all times during the sharpening process.

Our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane facilities have their own in-house knife sharpening machines and we can sharpen knives for any make or model of chipper including Bandit, Vermeer, Rayco and Morbark.

Having our own knife sharpeners means that we maintain the highest standards of sharpening and ensure FAST turn-around times when you need your knives sharpened quickly. You can drop them in or send them to us and once they are sharpened we will send them right back to you ready for work in your chipper.

If your knives are getting down to their last sharpen we can supply you the very best quality replacement knives from our extensive spare parts stock.

Bandit Tree Equipment – your one-stop-shop for all chipper knife needs!


Knife Cleaning

Your knives are inspected and cleaned prior to grinding


Prior to grinding all knives are measured to ensure they do not exceed manufacturer's minimum width requirements

Sharpening Angle

Knives are mounted to grinder and a magnetic protractor ensures they are ground to exactly the right angle

Cooling Lubricant

Cooling lubricant is continually poured over the knives during grinding so that they do not heat up during the sharpening process