Bandit Model 2250XP

Bandit has taken stump grinding to a whole new level with the Model 2250XP beltless stump grinder. This revolutionary machine uses a hydrostatic motor to directly power the cutter wheel, eliminating all the belts,shafts and the many pulleys and bearings that typically require regular adjustment and replacement.

With a Bandit hydrostatic stump grinder it's not uncommon to see maintenance costs drop by 30% or more compared to traditional stump grinders, without sacrificing the performance that stump grinding professionals need.

The Model 2250XP uses a heavy-duty 40cc hydrostatic motor to directly power its 20" (51cm) diameter cutter wheel.

Oversize bearings in the pump handle the shock loads from stump grinding, while an economical
27-horsepower engine powers the hydraulic systems and self-propelled undercarriage.

The cutter wheel has a class leading 50" (127cm) swing arc that can also grind to a depth of over 12" (30cm). At just 700kg it's one of the lightest four-wheeled,
self-propelled stump grinders available.

The travel speed is adjustable so that you can quickly reach the job site, and then be slowed to a crawl-speed while cutting into the stump. With a very tight turning radius and narrow overall machine width your 2250XP will get you into tight access jobs with ease.

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   Model 2250SP 20" (50.8cm)
   Self Propelled 2WD standard    Cutter Wheel Width 1" (25.4mm)
   Engine Brand Kohler Command Pro petrol    Number of Teeth 18
   Standard Engine Power 27 HP (20kw) 
42 ft lbs (57Nm)
   Tooth Type Greenteeth
   Cutting Depth 13" (33cm)    Fuel Tank Capacity 32 litres
   Cut/Swing Width 50" (127cm)    Hydraulic Tank Capacity 32 litres
   Cutting Height 23" (58cm)    Travel Speed 0 – 4.4 kph variable
   Weight 700 kg    Steering  Hydraulic standard
   Length 2.7 m      
   Width 35.4" (90cm)    
   Height 48" (120cm)


  Cutter Wheel Drive System Hydrostatic Drive