Equipment Familiarisation Program

When you invest in a Bandit from Bandit Tree Equipment, you invest in so much more. Our Equipment Familiarisation Program (EFP) has been designed to provide customers and their operators with an introduction to the equipment in which they have just invested in.

The EFP covers key areas of machine operation including:

  • the operator’s manual
  • equipment components
  • start up/operating/shut down procedures
  • maintenance procedures
  • troubleshooting (diagnosis of minor issues which may occur during operation)

These guidelines are designed to minimise machine downtime and help you to maximise your return on investment. This program is designed to be presented to small groups to provide all participants with a clear view of the items being discussed and materials being processed.

Remember: Bandit equipment rewards those who maintain it properly and who operate in a safe manner. To book a new EFP session or to organise retraining of your tree crew, please contact
Brian Coggins on 1800 681 733.

Bandit Tree Equipment strongly recommends that you make sure you understand the manufacturer’s requirements before you start operations.

For more information on Equipment Safety, please click here.